Don’t Miss “My Mother’s Book Club” at Thornfield Hall

meet me in st. louis bensonCheck out my new post at Thornfield Hall on My Mother’s Book Club. Once a month I plan to read one of  my late mother’s favorite old books.

So how did I decide on the first selection?  It was between Sally Benson’s Meet Me in St. Louis and Cid Ricketts Sumner’s Tammy out of Time.  A pragmatic reason decided me…

tammy out of time cid richetts sumnerAnd the general url for Thornton Hall:  A Book Blog is


2 thoughts on “Don’t Miss “My Mother’s Book Club” at Thornfield Hall

  1. I had to ‘declutter’ my books when I moved because I was downsizing and in the process ‘losing’ two rooms, both of which had been ceiling to floor bookcases. In my case, very often the decision was made on a ‘if I want to read this agin, can I get a copy as an ebook’ basis. As a result, most of what I’ve brought with me is non-fiction, often essay collections or letters and journals.


    • A move is often an impetus for getting rid of books. I do believe I gave away 600 books when I moved here some years back. Now i’m simply realizing that I don’t need as many books as I used to. I try whenever possible now to weed after I read!


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