This One Goes Out to…

My old boyfriend.

Literally old.

Okay, in the prime.

Frankly I wasn’t expecting anybody I know here.

But how did you know…?  You recognized that?


“Penelope Unraveling Her Work at Night,” 1886
Dora Wheeler How did you know?

Oh, no…really?

I recommend the Robb biography.

And so you’re on that island.

I’m here with the suitors, superheroes, and samurai.

No, I’m not that keen on The Odyssey.

My role is crap.

20 years of weaving.

The Iliad is a better poem.

No, you wrote your diss on that?  Did you really have to go through two generations of professors?  No!

Did you know he died?  He wasn’t that bad.

Well, I quit.

No,  I wouldn’t have lectured on that, either.

They ruined the department.  It’s all films now.

Yes, I remember that.  Crab soccer.


In Thunder Bay?

That diner?

Where were the eggs?

The guitar…

That time with the lyrics…  I thought it was, You know what I mean.

Meet me at the…

No, this is what I feel.

Comment again sometime.

Here’s  R.E.M. in the rain.

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