Four Giveaways: Colette, Hemingway, Mary Hocking, & Cathie Pelletier

I have four books to give away.  If you’ve already won a book here, feel free to sign up anyway.  I LIKE giving away books to people I know…  And if you don’t want them, I’ll give them away to the charity sale (another good cause).

The Blue Lantern Colette1.  Colette’s The Blue Lantern. I wrote in April:  “Colette’s meditations in her seventies are just as sharp as ever….  She still visits vineyards and markets, still eats good food and drinks good wine.  She tells funny anecdotes about her famous friends, Jean Cocteau and Gide…”  (The edition is a hardcover ex-library book, not the one pictured here.)

2.  Ernest Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast.  Yes, we have two copies of this, both in excellent condition, and I don’t know WHY we have two.  Yes, I do:  I bought one not long ago thinking we did NOT have one.  You can have one if you want it.

One-Way Bridge3.  Good Daughters by Mary Hocking, the first volume of a family saga about three sisters growing up in London on the brink of World War II.  Really very good, available in a Virago, but mine is an Abacus edition.

4. Cathie Pelletier’s The One-Way Bridge.  A feather-light novel about eccentric characters in Mattagash, Maine, part of Pelletier’s series.  My mother very much enjoyed these books.  A good Labor Day weekend book, though it will be too late for that by the time you get it!

Leave a comment if you would like any of these, or more than one.  I will draw names out of a paper sack if more than one person wants one!  It has worked before…

6 thoughts on “Four Giveaways: Colette, Hemingway, Mary Hocking, & Cathie Pelletier

  1. You *are* generous with your giveaways Kat! If you can stand to send abroad, I would like very much the Hocking (as I have the Colette and Hemingway already). There’s been much talk about Hocking on LibraryThing recently! If i do win the giveaway, surface mail is fine…….


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