Cute Cats! & Colette’s Cats and Cats of Paris

Cats Take Over Bedroom!

The house was quiet.

Husband:  business trip.  Friends:  banned (temporarily).

A few days of solitude.

You’re not alone if you have cats.

Thirty years ago I adopted my first cat, a free Siamese kitten.  Since then we’ve had tabbies, black cats, calicos, tortoiseshells, white cats…

All are from the “pound” or the APL.

Very laid-back!

Very laid-back!

This adorable cat came from the APL:  endless paper work and very expensive, but a sweetheart. Black cats are  always laid-back. She has a lovely temperament and likes everybody, though she was so wild as a kitten that she destroyed the living-room curtains and two computer cords. (Really.)  She likes UPS packages, birds, and The New Yorker (delicious!  she chews bits occasionally).  Her favorite person: me.  Her second favorite person:  the white cat below.

A hippie cat.

A hippie cat.

Like the black cat, the white cat is a hippie.  She looks as though she ought to wear a beret, doesn’t she?  When we brought her home she didn’t know how  to jump.  We worried that perhaps she had been in a cage too long.  Anyway, she learned from the others.  They learn EVERYTHING from each other.

Smart:  likes computers!

Smart: likes computers!

See this darling tabby?  She is the matriarch.  In our fax days, we would wake up in the night and hear her faxing in the study.  God only knows whom she was calling.  She is VERY smart.  Her hobby is  computers.

The beautiful tortoiseshell (below) was, according to the “pound,” picked up walking down the street with a Siamese and a calico. She has survival skills.  She drinks out of the tub.  The tap isn’t on:  she just licks it.  Now all the cats prefer to drink out of the tub or out of one of my cups.  Their cat bowl doesn’t interest them!

Our beautiful tortoiseshell!

Our beautiful tortoiseshell!

If your cats tell you it’s time to watch TV (they’re very fond of Master Chef), line up by the CD player to hear their favorite record (James Taylor’s “Fire and Ice”), bring their feather-toy-on-a-stick to you, and insist on their meal an hour early, you are probably a Cat Person.

Now how do the cats fit into a book blog?  Well, today I read Colette’s Creatures Great and Small, a collection of dialogues, vignettes, and essays about animals.   I have very much enjoyed the sections, “Cats” and “Cats in Paris.”

Here is a very short vignette,”The She-Cat in the Mirror”:

Is she prettier than I am?  I don’t think so.  Come to that, what cat is?  I should like to have a good look at this interloper when she has her back turned to me.  But eery time that happens, just at that very moment, at the exact same time as I…she turns round again and looks at me.”

What are your favorite cat books?

5 thoughts on “Cute Cats! & Colette’s Cats and Cats of Paris

  1. Doris Lessing’s On Cats I admit I’ve not read that many. Black cats are said to be adopted at a much slower rate. Foolish prejudice.

    You are not alone with them. They are very much there with you. So affectionate (at least to big human beings – not small creatures like insects or birds).


  2. Ellen, I didn’t know that black cats were adopted at a slower rate. How odd. And I must read Lessing on cats.

    Kaggy, yes, they are beautiful! Colette is very funny about animals.


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