Glamorize your glassesI just got new bifocals.

I needed new glasses desperately.

I like my new glasses very much, but I look like a hipster/schoolmarm in a graphic novel by R. Crumb or Alison Bechdel.

I can see myself again.

Although I was fascinated when I recently mistook a black iron fence for a human being, I didn’t particularly want to end up in Oliver Sacks’ The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat. Everything blurry, pretending not to care, pretending I was an Impressionist painter, I knew I needed new glasses, but you know how it is:  if you’re able to see at all, you’re too busy to go to the ophthalmologist/optometrist/optician or whomever you see.

And so I went to the “optical” guy.

And my vision has actually improved, so I needed new bifocals to reflect that.

When I picked out new frames, I held my old glasses up to get an idea what they looked like.

I didn’t know what they looked like until I picked them up.

It is amazing to be able to see again.

On a recent occasion, before I collected my new glasses,  I picked up my purse upside down from a counter at the supermarket.  Change, keys, and comb went flying.  Several people went down on their hands and knees to help me pick things up .  “Oh, a butterscotch candy,” I muttered in deep embarrassment.  I felt like Mr. Magoo, or Ms. Magoo.

So you can see why I’m happy to have new glasses.

There’s just one thing.  When I try to comment at blogs, I STILL can’t see those letters you have to type in first.  You know what I mean: tiny print all running together, and you have to type it in twice or thrice till you get it right.

I thought I’d be able to look at it and get it right the first time with my new glasses.


Nobody can.

4 thoughts on “Bifocals

  1. 🙂 I hate those captcha things (except when they’re numbers because I seem to be able to see those). I *know* I need new glasses but like you say, when you can still just about see you put off investing all the time and money in new ones. I suspect I might need bifocals – I’ll be interested to hear how you get on with them!


  2. Yes, I do wish they’d come up with a better system. Why do the letters all run together like that? I’m thinking, O, or is it captial A? N or r? The numbers ARE easier.

    Bifocals are pretty much like other glasses these days, though perhaps more complicated!


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