Please Don’t Make Me Go to the Opera!

"Spokes and Leaves Full" by Mia Nilsson

“Spokes and Leaves Full” by Mia Nilsson

Don’t make me say it.

Eric Clapton is as good as it gets.

I don’t want to go to Mozart’s Cosi fan Tutti, the Met Live in HD.

I don’t want to be indoors.

I’d rather listen to Eric Clapton’s “Let It Rain” on the boombox in our rainy back yard.

Let it rain, let it rain,
Let your love rain down on me.
Let it rain, let it rain,
Let it rain, rain, rain.

My cousin, who is visiting from Montana, complained about the rain while she watched The Talk.

“When the f—k will it stop?”

It’s not that I didn’t wonder that.

But I had to get out of there.

I thought she’d be better off biking with me than listening to Sharon Osborne chatting with Steven Tyler.

He’s not Eric Clapton.

A little rain.  So what?

I would bicycle to the library, pick out a Jane Austen DVD (I just read Northanger Abbey), get back on my bike, and spend the rest of the afternoon watching the movie.

Yeah, a little rain.

It was cold!  The wind ripped through my L. L. Bean rain jacket.

I pedaled on.

The library was closed.  I was stunned.   Honestly, this is the biggest city in the state, and I swear the branch library is closed more often than it’s open.

I decided to bike to the suburban library, maybe three miles away.

My hands were so cold that I pulled the sleeves over them like gloves.

After I checked out my books and movie, I drank coffee in the cafe.

When the rain stopped,  I biked as fast as I could and had almost warmed up when it started raining again.

My cousin was watching Ellen.

“Time for Northanger Abbey.

“No no no no!  I hate Jane Austen!”

“But if we watch Austen all weekend we won’t have to go to Cosi fan Tutti.

“Educational TV?” she guessed.

Certain family members like to go to every Met HD opera.

Darn, looks like we’re busy!

Austen or Cosi?  It’s a no-brainer.

There’s much more time outdoors with Austen.