“How to Give a Pill to Your Cat” & R.E.M.’s “ÜBerlin”

I’m having trouble giving my cat her pills.  (I wrote about it here.)

So I am posting a very funny video, “How to Give Your Cat a Pill.”( It does go a bit too far…)

And to balance it, below is an energetic video of R.E.M.’s ÜBerlin, chosen because the first line is “Hey now, take your pills.”

4 thoughts on ““How to Give a Pill to Your Cat” & R.E.M.’s “ÜBerlin”

  1. Ellen, I laughed hysterically while I was watching it until what probably was No. 15, and then I laughed again over giving the pill to the dog.

    Karen, you are so right. How she detected the pills in her food I’ll never know. They look like cupcake sprinkles. It is a major undertaking to give cats pills!


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