Big Women Can’t Wear…

Melissa McCarthy at the Golden Globes Awards

Melissa McCarthy at the Golden Globes Awards

The actress Melissa McCarthy is starting her own clothing line.

Although she has won an Emmy for Best Actress in the sitcom Mike and Molly and been nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in Bridesmaids,  finding large clothes is a challenge.

She told Redbook:

“When I go shopping, most of the time I’m disappointed. Two Oscars ago, I couldn’t find anybody to do a dress for me. I asked five or six designers–very high-level ones who make lots of dresses for people — and they all said no.”

It’s obviously discrimination, as is the myth that fat people are unhealthy, trashy, lower-class, etc.

I’ve been a jeans-and-t-shirt kind of girl forever.

I was a runner till I was 48.  After I stopped running, the weight piled on.

It is excruciating trying to find clothes in large sizes.  Not only would you never wear most of them, but I assure you that few have ever been seen outside the dressing room. There are polka-dotted polyester blouses, the stretch pants that stick unbecomingly to your butt, low-cut polyester tunics made for huge-breasted women, and sweatshirts that say “Grandma” (I’ve never reproduced).

Yup, make you look your worst!  That’s the motto.

Fortunately, you can find well-made normal nice clothes for large women in catalogues.

And after buying from a few catalogues, other catalogues arrive in the mail.

Yesterday I received a catalogue called “The Pyramid Collection:  Myth, Magick, Fantasy & Romance.”  Though fantasy and romance are good in theory, my idea of a romantic evening  is to go  to Barnes and Noble and buy a couple of paperbacks with my husband.  But perhaps I’m not past it, because a man recently gave me romantic advice–“The men love the games”–which made me roar with laughter.

All right, I’m flipping through the catalogue.  I’ve rejected a pale green nylon dress called  “Tea at the Abbey.”  It has”flutter sleeves and a slanted crystal-accented crossover front ruffle.”  The tie-dyed halter dress is also out.

And then things start to get strange.  Why are there so many corsets?  I’m revolted by the “love bite choker.”  And, you know, the “Steam Age chic” black velvet hat with a chain and feather looks a little slutty.

Finally we arrive at the “climax” of the catalogue.

It’s called “State of Bliss.”

Two pages of vibrators.

There’s the one you tuck into your “saucy lace briefs,” the “discreet personal massager” that looks like a lipstick, a penis-shaped “hearts-and-glitter-spangled massager,” oh, and a movie called “The Art of Orgasm.”

“Order toll-free any time!”

Not to be a prude or anything, but I’ve thrown this catalogue away.

4 thoughts on “Big Women Can’t Wear…

  1. I would too – I want clothes I feel happy wearing and patently I would *not* if I wore the corsets etc!! Why can’t we get nice, comfortable, flattering clothes for larger ladies – it’s not too much to ask, is it??


  2. It does seem too much to ask. I join in the jeans and t-shirt group, senior division. Also, as the body gets wider, the arms do not get longer. Almost all the long-sleeved shirts have arms that are much longer than what I can provide to fill them.


  3. If you are old and scrawny, the clothes are awful. The ideals are unreal. Izzy can’t find clothes either — as having too large breasts. In fact these clothes make that a no-no too. Have you tried Orvis. Go on-line; it’s expensive but the clothes are tasteful and meant for real mature women’s bodies of whatever size.


  4. The whole fashion industry needs to rethink what it’s doing. I want clothes I’m happy wearing, as Karen says. Surely there are a few sensible people working in fashion.

    Nancy, I can only imagine! Nothing fits right. You would think they could imagine your sleeve lengths! I don’t know whom most clothes are made for. When the t-shirts began to have plunging necks (and perhaps that fashion is over), it was not the look for me. But because I buy such STURDY clothes and these were the only t-shirts I could find, they will probably last forever.

    Ellen, clearly these clothes are made with nobody in mind. I thought you were very well-dressed, though, so this doesn’t apply to you.:) Orvis is a good catalogue. Mail-order is an excellent solution to the dilemma.


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