The New Kitten!

Kittens at the ARL

Kittens at the ARL

We went to the Animal Rescue League.

There are hundreds of cats pictured at the ARL website.  Naturally, I wanted to adopt them all:  Snickers, Ruffles, Ariel, Jasmine, Emma, Marley, Squeaks, Bella, Minnie, Ginger, Tippie, and the rest.

My husband was not interested in the new cat, so he sat in the ARL lobby, working on some papers.  “You’re getting a kitten, right?” He thinks it is easier to introduce kittens into a multi-cat household.

I wandered around the cat condos, peering into rooms full of cats, in love with all the cats: an adult tuxedo who sat on the floor with his nose to the glass, a gray kitten, a white kitten, a calico cat, a tabby, an orange cat…

The “hugs rooms” were full, so they told me I had to wait.  Well, I know how it is.  Potential adopters play with the cats, “trying them out,” sometimes for 20 minutes or so.

Me,  I never met a cat I didn’t bond with, so I didn’t need a hugs room.  I barged into a room full of cats and kittens in cages.  The sign said STAFF ONLY, but frankly I am a bit aggressive from my days as a freelance writer.  I once sidled into a room where Joyce Carol Oates was giving a reading, ignoring the usher who said it was full.  (I even found a chair.)

Fortunately, a middle-aged woman understood I couldn’t sit around all day.  She started taking kittens out of the crates, and at one point I was holding two black kittens.

“Oh, they’re both so sweet.”

“Two for $125,” she begged me.

“Oh, I’d love to, but my husband…”

He loves our cats, but doesn’t want too many.

Anyway, we adopted Polly, a skinny, lively black kitten.  She came home, popped out of her box, and immediately made herself at home.  “Wow, am I glad to be out of that cage!” she seemed to say.  We tried to keep her isolated awhile, as they suggest you do, but after 12 hours she ran out and made herself a member of the cat family.

She has spent some time in every room in the house.  She emerged from the basement with cobwebs on her face.  “Did you go to the cobweb store?”  I crooned as I washed her.

“Polly went to the cobweb store!” we say frequently.

She is curled up purring on my chest right now, and is interested in jumping on the keyboard, so I’ll say good-bye.

Our new camera isn’t compatible with my computer, so I can’t post pictures, but I think you can picture her.

P.S.   The ARL has a lovely TLC foster program, to “provide an interim in-home environment for pets who need special attention or a break from the shelter environment.”

If I lived alone, I would be a cat woman.  A friend lives with nine coddled, well-cared-for cats in an enormous three-bedroom apartment furnished with Adirondack chairs with cushions.  The idea is they can’t rip up the furniture.

Another friend used to have what I call a “cat house.”  Yes, she lived in one house, and worked in another house, where she also kept homeless cats.  It was a very peaceful place.  No idea how many cats she had.  Twenty?  It was very tidy and neat, not one of those houses on the news.

Well, our house isn’t big enough for that, but we are definitely cat people.

Have a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “The New Kitten!

  1. So glad you found the right kitty for you, Kat! Hope she settles in with the rest! How many do you have altogether??


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