Giveaway of Colette’s The Vagabond, Margaret Kennedy’s Lucy Carmichael, Anne Bronte’s Agnes Grey, & Georgette Heyer’s The Black Sheep

The Vagabond Colette dover 51N3M9YULxL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_I am weeding again and giving away books.  I am happy to give multiple books to the same readers, so comment if you would like one or more.  We’re neatening up the bookshelves.

1.  Colette’s The Vagabond.  This is one of Colette’s best books, in a very nice Dover edition, with a  new translation by Stanley Applebaum (2010).  I do, however, have another copy of the book.  I loved Applebaum’s translation, though

2.  Margaret Kennedy’s Lucy Carmichael.  There has been a craze for Margaret Kennedy recently (and no wonder with those beautiful new Vintage editions).  Some years ago after reading the Viragos,  I tracked down this at Amazon.  It is not her best, but I hope someone will enjoy it. Its is a 1951 hardcover book club edition, in good condition.

3.  Has everyone read Charlotte Bronte’s Agnes Grey?  I have two copies (or course).  This is a Wordsworth paperback.  It’s all yours!

4.  Georgette Heyer’s Black Sheep.  This is one of my favorite Georgette Heyers, in an attractive Sourcebooks edition (2008).  I have some other Heyers to read, so you can have this if you want it.

Lucy Carmichael Kennedy 14419

9 thoughts on “Giveaway of Colette’s The Vagabond, Margaret Kennedy’s Lucy Carmichael, Anne Bronte’s Agnes Grey, & Georgette Heyer’s The Black Sheep

  1. Mailed out the book the other day so I don’t feel like such a schnorrer (ever hear that word in IA?) but if you feeling so inclined Lucy Carmichael or Agnes Grey?


  2. Jen gets the Heyer.

    Another email friend asked for the Kennedy.

    Cynthia gets Agnes Grey. (And you’re not a schnorrer. This word is new to me.:))

    There’s only one left: the Colette. Come on, people! If I give this to the Free Little Library, it will just sit here.


  3. Was just going to ask you if you were crazy for giving away Agnes Grey, then realised you had two copies. Phew! It’s a little gem of a novel. Anne is actually my favourite Bronte.


    • The one I really loved was Together and Apart. I must admit the ones available in Viragos seemed to be the best. In the “Margaret Kennedy” week online, English bloggers were reading books by Kennedy that aren’t or weren’t readily available in the U.S. It looks as though Vintage in UK has just reissued some of her books. (But I’m not allowed to buy books anymore–I have a huge TBR pile.)


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