Bookmarks & Over Book-Budget!


I was very grateful to the friend who sent me these three lovely floral-design bookmarks.

I don’t know about you, but I use a lot of bookmarks.  In fact, I never throw one away.  I  have that multiple-reading thing going:  right now I am reading Nick Hornby’s Funny Girl (with a Book Depository bookmark), Leonard Woolf’s Beginning Again (with a Planned Parenthood Book Sale bookmark), and Galsworthy’s To Let (with a City Lights bookmark).

I collect free bookmarks wherever I go.

Like you,  I have amassed bookmarks from Borders, The Book Depository, B&N, and Amazon.   I have garnered free bookmarks from Prairie Lights in Iowa City, The Haunted Bookshop in Iowa City, The Ruminator (a defunct bookstore ) in St. Paul,  The Bookworm in Omaha,  Skoob in London, Howards Books (now defunct) in Bloomington, The National Gallery in D.C., The Dickens Museum in London, the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha, etc., etc..

IMG_3028A friend of mine in North Carolina once sent me a bookmark autographed by a favorite author who happened to be reading in her town.

Shouldn’t there be a bookmark swap website?   Is there a National Bookmark Month?  Do you like bookmarks as much as I do?

Over Budget!!!  Everyone fusses about how they must stop buying books.

I am one of them.

I am way over-budget.

My extraordinary collection of boxes.

My extraordinary collection of boxes.

See this extraordinary collection of boxes?  Yes, there are books in them.

Instead of going to London or touring the UNESCO Cities of Literature, I decided to take a Reading Vacation this year.

I know, right? It was what I wanted to do.

And then I Did the Thing.  I bought the Folio Society’s new expanded edition of Trollope’s The Duke’s Children (the complete text:  four volumes instead of three).

Consider it a hypomanic moment.

I was curious about the complete text of The Duke’s Children (the last book in the Palliser series, which I am rereading).

The Folio Society edition of The Duke's Children

The Folio Society edition of The Duke’s Children

And the next thing I knew I was at the Folio Society website and it was in my shopping cart.  I think I am now a member of the Folio Society.

Good God!

It’s a Lucy moment.

I can never possibly tell my husband, Ricardo.

Oh, well, maybe I can persuade a bunch of friends to go in on it with me, the way we did with Abbey Road.

Or sell it when I’m done for a profit at e-bay.

Thank God you can wear rags when you ride a bicycle.

8 thoughts on “Bookmarks & Over Book-Budget!

  1. 🙂 I entirely understand why you had to have the Folio, and I also understand that this is a fact best kept from your husband! Folio books are just so lovely – and books are more important than clothes anyway!!


  2. Of course books are more important than clothes! Love the bookmarks – I have lots, but can never find them when I need them, and still resort to using old train/bus/carpark tickers, shopping lists, and whatever else comes to hand!


  3. I’m not quite sure where bookstores go. Sometimes we’ll have a pile on the coffee table, and then they disappear for months! Tickets work fine.


  4. I didn’t join the Folio Society, though their books are beautiful and often have lovely illustrations, but I too succumbed to the new Duke’s Children. I got it on the instalment plan — the way I’ll pay my taxes this year. My summer too will be a reading holiday or at least (I hope) pleasurable time from books. Snowing her and cold now — how about you?


    • I really look forward to getting the book! I bought mine all in one shot.:) We’ve had bitter cold here and our snow has melted, thank God! I know you’re supposed to get more tonight. So sorry!


  5. Lovely bookmarks, Kat. I too have a stash of free ones, many with sentimental value, but often have to resort to the flimsy due date receipts that the library now prints out. (I hate them as I always feel I am at the grocery!) One of my art projects is to create bookmarks using watercolors so thank you for the inspiration.


    • I love your art projects, Belle! I don’t get as many bookmarks as I used to. B&N doesn’t seem to bother any more now that Borders is gone, but the indies still give bookmarks, thank God!


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