Fourth of July

FireworksOn the 4th of July, there are parades, picnics, barbecues, rock concerts, and fireworks.  People gather at parks at 7 a.m. to nab picnic shelters.

How do we celebrate?

Today we took a bike ride.  We rode past a park where a band was setting up and ice cream tents were hawking their wares.  We went to a bookstore.

We used to go to the family picnic.  Now that we Baby Boomers are in charge, attendance has been halved. We have less tolerance for day-long boredom, the smoky grilling of hamburgers, and Frisbee.

Anyway, what family?  The children are grown-up  now.   There are no grandchildren yet.  Most of us were afraid to breed. The next generation, too, is afraid to breed.

My mother’s belief was that I did not have children because I could not take care of them. Actually, it was because I used birth control.

No regrets!

It was an all-adult picnic this year, ages ranging from 25-70.  My cousin claims that the only people who had a good time are the members of AA (a surprising number, though I suppose it is not all that surprising).  They  know how to party, even without alcohol.  Take my cousin.  She stopped drinking last fall.  She has spent her non-drinking time memorizing the answers to the trivia game Oxford Dilemma.   She and the other AA types played  for money.

Do we have the right to the pursuit of happiness?  Yes, I think so.

And just let me say:  End the wars and support gun control!

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