The Best of Packaging: Cat in a Box!

IMG_3247I love it when books arrive in the mail.

But there is a LOT of packaging. From an environmental point of view, that is bad.  From a reader’s point of view, it is exasperating.  Some boxes and mailers can opened with ease, others require scissors and swearing.  And what to do with the packaging?  When DH is away, I smuggle it out to the recycling bin, à la I Love Lucy.  Why?  He thinks everything should now be on the e-reader.

But there are others who revel in book mail days.

The white cat comes first to investigate.

IMG_3249Why would anyone throw that box out?  Hm, I could use that.

IMG_3250 Fascinated by a book mailer, the black cat wonders if she can tear off the tab of paper at the top.

The white cat continues her investigation with the black cat’s help.IMG_3251Oh, lord, they say of the smushed cardboard mailer in the middle.  That is  completely useless!

IMG_3252A black kitten joins them and pushes her way into the box..  She doesn’t know there is a hierarchy.

IMG_3253They watch with amazement as she hops into the box.

IMG_3257She is just adorable!

IMG_3258The big black cat walks away while the black kitten sits in the box and the white cat goes back to the other packaging.

IMG_3259Then the white cat lies down to take a nap.

IMG_3260Nothing has been recycled yet!  How could it be?  This is the only mailer not in demand at the moment!  (By the way, this one was easy to open.)

6 thoughts on “The Best of Packaging: Cat in a Box!

  1. This is so funny! I just posted a photo of our cat, Turtle, in a box! ( She really likes this box better than others she’s had because it’s fairly shallow. She can be in the box and look out over the edge. Your household looks like ours used to. At one point, we had nine cats. Now we’re down to just one – and don’t anyone try to get me to adopt your kittens!


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