Summer Giveaway of Comic Novels: Barbara Trapido’s Brother of the More Famous Jack & Nancy Mitford’s The Blessing

It is the Mirabile Dictu summer giveaway!  Leave a comment if you would like either or both of the following books. You have an excellent chance of “winning,” especially compared to your very slight chance of winning a book at Goodreads!

trapido brother of the more famous jack 81BHcE98dPLBarbara Trapido’s Brother of the More Famous Jack The winner of the Whitbread Special Prize for Fiction in 1982, this charming comedy is slightly reminiscent of the early novels of Margaret Drabble (The Millstone, etc.). The heroine, Katherine, is a very pretty girl who loves fashionable clothes.  When her “date,” a middle-aged bisexual man who picks her up in a bookstore, takes her for the weekend to the home of her philosophy professor, Jacob Goldman,she falls in love with the whole family.  After a disastrous affair with one of the sons, she moves to Italy.  When she returns a decade later, her circumstances have changed and so have the Goldmans’.  A poignant and witty novel.

The Blessing by Nancy Mitford d8a1517294ff3c39d083f040b78e0f36Nancy Mitford’s The Blessing.  I love Mitford’s novels, and while this comedy of manners is very slight, it is entertaining.  This is a 1951 Book-of-the-Month edition with a charming if sightly tatty cover.

The jacket copy says:  “Grace Allingham, a naive English rose, marries Charles-Edouard de Valhubert, a French aristo who doesn’t believe in fidelity. Both are duped, meantime, by their son Sigismund — the Blessing of the title — a juvenile Machiavelli who mixes Gallic cunning with Saxon thoroughness to become one of Mitford’s most memorable characters.”

Bona fortuna!  as we say in Latin.

Americans and Canadians welcome to enter!   I love the rest of you, too, but the postage is too high.

12 thoughts on “Summer Giveaway of Comic Novels: Barbara Trapido’s Brother of the More Famous Jack & Nancy Mitford’s The Blessing

  1. What a pity! And why do I read blogs in English instead of French: I would have a chance to get a give away. “The Blessing” is wonderfully funny, as is “Don’t Tell Alfred” – speaking of novels placed in France. Barbara Trapido, I don’t know: heard of her but never read anything. I shall add her to my TBR list… 🙂


  2. I’ve just re-read the Trapido and have every intention of re-reading ‘Temples of Delight’ and ‘Juggling’ as well. I read somewhere that she i.e. writing a new book that is about Jane’s eightieth birthday party, which would allow us to catch up with all the characters we have got to know so well in the earlier books.


  3. Set “Brother of the More Famous Jack” in Texas and it’s a bullseyefor for my sister! Seriously, who hasn’t loved their professor and his family? I want this book!


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