Lost: A Room With a View

I lost my copy of E. M. Forster’s A Room with a View.

It was the perfect vacation reading.

The smart, intense, lovely Lucy Honeychurch is in Florence with dull Miss Bartlett. All in the hotel are agog at the manners of Mr. Emerson and his son George.  They offer their rooms with a view to Lucy and Miss Bartlett.

Not QUITE Quite quite the thing.  The manners! Miss Bartlett gets snotty.  And then the book turns into an interclass romance. And there is a kiss between George and Lucy, which is recorded by another hotel guest, Miss Eleanor Lavish, who is gathering background for a sizzling novel.

I got to the hotel and could not find my Forster.

Where did I leave it? Possibly

1 At O’Hare Airport.  There was drinking of Diet Coke early in the morning because I could not be bothered to drag my suitcase from the lounge to Starbucks.  I got a little reading done before I hopped on the plane. I love it that Miss Lavish takes away Lucy’s Baedeker.

“And no, you are not, not, NOT to look at your Baedeker.”

2 Or did I leave it on the plane?  It was pitch-dark by early afternoon as we flew into the sunset.  I couldn’t see a thing a thing and had to get out the ereader.  I was reading Patricia Park’s splendid novel, Re Jane, a Korean-American version of Jane Eyre.  Perhaps I accidentally buried the Forster in the blankets?

It is not in my luggage!!!  I had to download it on my ereader. So modern, yes?

What books have you lost on a plane?

8 thoughts on “Lost: A Room With a View

  1. My great-uncle was a famous rabbi and when he died at 96 in the 1990s I flew to New York for the family gathering, and was given a precious Time Magazine issue from the 1950s with him on the cover. To my horror it was lost on the plane! But it was the early days of the internet and I was able to find and purchase another copy, which is now framed in my home.


  2. I’m also not a plane traveller but the thought of finding myself anywhere without the book I specifically needed for that very moment is distressing. I am feeling your pain.


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