A Giveaway of Pamela Dean’s “Tam Lin” & Dorothy Canfield Fisher’s “Seasoned Timber”

seasoned-timber-canfield-fisher-51r8j2kiwqlIt’s time for a giveaway!

Tam_Lin_by_Pamela_DeanJust last week I wrote about Pamela Dean’s Tam Lin, one of my favorite books. (I wrote about it here.)   If you would like my extra copy, leave a comment.

If you are a fan of Dorothy Canfield Fisher, author of The Homemaker, a 1924 novel about a woman who works while her husband stays home with the kids, or The Bent Twig, her entertaining novel about a likeable Vermont housewife, you might appreciate her last novel,   Seasoned Timber, published in 1939, the story of a headmaster at a boarding school in Vermont.   This edition is A Hardscrabble Classic, published by University Press of New England.  Leave a comment if you’d like it.

All in the U.S. and Canada are eligible, including those of you who have “won” books in the past.  I wish I could send books outside of North America, but the postage defeats me.

And thank you for taking these books off my hands, if you will.

12 thoughts on “A Giveaway of Pamela Dean’s “Tam Lin” & Dorothy Canfield Fisher’s “Seasoned Timber”

  1. Don’t you love The Deepening Stream? That’s my favorite Dorothy Canfield Fisher novel, and I truly believe her best. It’s her most autobiographical, and I learned a great deal as a young woman from it, about World War I, France, and marriage. (I don’t need the books in the giveaway, but know two lucky people will love them!)


  2. I haven’t read a Doroth Canfield Fisher book before so would love that one please. I love books about and between the two wars particularly female authors.


  3. Kat, I loved The Homemaker and look forward to reading other books by her. But, feel free to give this away to someone who hasn’t won one of your prizes. Enjoy this fine fall day.


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