A Giveaway of Books by Barbara Pym, Max Beerbohm, Amanda Cross, & Isak Dinesen

Another giveaway!  Yes, I am weeding more books, and am offering these before our next trip to the Planned Parenthood Book Sale drop box.  You can’t go wrong with Barbara Pym, Max Beerbohm, Isak Dinesen, and Amanda Cross.  And I am happy to send all four Pyms to one person if you want a “set.”

You know the drill.  Leave a comment or email me at mirabiledictu.org@gmail.com

Barbara Pym’s The Sweet Dove Died , A Few Green Leaves, A Glass of Blessings, and No Fond Return of Love Pym is one of my favorite writers, but over the years I have acquired (used) hardcovers of her books.  These 1980s paperbacks are quite attractive, and The Sweet Dove Died is in very good condition. The pages of A Few Green Leaves are tanned, but it is a sturdy book.  The other two are a bit tatty but still readable.

2 Max Beerbohm’s Zuleika Dobson.  When the lovely Zuleika Dobson goes to Oxford, men fall at her feet.  The fascinated students want to die for her.  Really, boys:   Zuleika is a monster!  It is comical and I enjoyed it, but it is a tad misogynistic.

3 Amanda Cross’s The James Joyce Murder.  An academic mystery, one in a series by critic Carolyn Heilbrun writing as Amanda Cross.

4.  Isak Dinesen’s Out of Africa & Shadows on the Grass. Two stunning memoirs of Dinesen’s life on a coffee plantation in Kenya.  Gorgeous writing!  And actually my paperback is in better condition than the one in the photo below.

7 thoughts on “A Giveaway of Books by Barbara Pym, Max Beerbohm, Amanda Cross, & Isak Dinesen

  1. Kat, can I prevail on you to split up the Pyms? I don’t have No Fond Return of Love in my collection. If not, no biggie.


  2. I love Barbara Pym, and was delighted to read your post about her. I have “An Unsuitable Attachment” and used to have “Dove” but it has disappeared. I would love to have your collection of her books. Thank you, Kat!


  3. No more books for me, please! Mostly because I have read many of them. This comment is to endorse Pym and Cross for all book lovers and Our of Africa for all people everywhere.


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