MY NEW BOOK: Between the Pages: Reflections on Reading

I have neglected my blog lately. I was busy with a writing project.

And now my first book, Between the Pages:  Reflections on Reading, was published yesterday as a Kindle e-book, under the nom de plume Kathleen Adelaide.

How did this come about?  I’ve written bits and pieces over 30 years.  As a young woman, I preferred reading to writing, but then I began to review books and write essays on bookish topics for little magazines and book review publications (most now defunct). A few months ago, as I sorted through old clippings, I realized that many of the best books I reviewed are now forgotten or out-of-print.

How could I change that? Well, I don’t have that power. But I decided to collect 22 of these reviews and essays in a very short book (43 pages) for my friends.  I hope some of you will read my libellum (what Catullus calls a “little book”)  and  discover or rediscover the dazzling writing of Laurie Colwin, Graham Joyce, Mary Webb, John Thorndike, Carolyn See, Pamela Hansford Johnson, Stephen Dixon, and many others. You can also read four of my essays, including “Confessions of a Book Award Junkie.”

Over the years I have added 500 titles to my TBR list from reviews at blogs, Goodreads, online book clubs, and professional reviews. Now it is payback time!  Readers of the obscure or lost will learn about  many new-old books.

The price of the Kindle e-book is $2.99, or it is free with Kindle Unlimited.  It is available only at Amazon.  By the way, my name is Kathleen Adelaide, but I omitted my surname.

Back to the usual blogging tomorrow!

18 thoughts on “MY NEW BOOK: Between the Pages: Reflections on Reading

  1. Congratulations. It looks splendid. I like its core essential idea: bringing back forgotten good authors and texts. I become tempted to learn how to use and buy a kindle.


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