A Virago Giveaway: Nina Bawden, Rachel Ferguson, and Barbara Comyns

Are you ready for a Virago giveaway?  Five by Nina Bawden, one by Rachel Ferguson, and one by Barbara Comyns.  You know what to do: leave a comment telling me which you want.  And go for all seven if you want them!

The books are:

Nina Bawden’s The Birds on the Trees.

Nina Bawden’s Ruffian on the Stairs.

Nina Bawden’s A Little Love, a Little Learning.

Nina Bawden’s Walking Naked.

Nina Bawden’s The Ice House (a hardcover, not the Virago pictured below).

Rachel Ferguson’s The Brontes Went to Woolworths.

Barbara Comyns’s Who Was Changed and Who Was Not.

10 thoughts on “A Virago Giveaway: Nina Bawden, Rachel Ferguson, and Barbara Comyns

  1. I just love Virago’s and have been trying to collect and read as many as I can get my hands on. I don’t have any of these so any of them would be a nice edition to my collection. Thanks so much!


  2. Dear Kat,
    I would love to read “The Brontes Went to Woolworths” – new to me and I like the cover.
    (I live in Canada. I shopped at Woolworths when I was a youngster. We called it and Kresgies, the five and ten cent stores.)


  3. You’re too kind. I’d love to finally read the Ferguson and whichever of the Bawdens you think is best. I’ve never read her.


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