One More Virago Giveaway: Rosamond Lehmann’s “Invitation to the Waltz”

One More Virago Giveaway:   Invitation to the Waltz by Rosamond Lehmann.  A good book, beloved by Virago fans.  I wrote here in 2015, “Rosamond Lehmann’s brilliant novel, Invitation to the Waltz (1932), is reminiscent of Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway.   Both Lehmann and Woolf use stream-of-consciousness, write exquisitely, and master the compression of time.  And both novels center on preparations for a party.”

This is a Virago hardcover edition.

Leave a comment if you would like it!  You are still eligible even if you won one of the other Viragos!

This is a case of, as they say:  EVERYTHING MUST GO.

5 thoughts on “One More Virago Giveaway: Rosamond Lehmann’s “Invitation to the Waltz”

  1. I would love to win this. I wrote an essay last year on the significance of parties in modernist literature, it was fascinating to research and this book sounds like it would be perfect further reading.


  2. Hi Kat – what a wonderful giveaway! I’m a big Lehmann fan – as well as an avid Virago reader/collector. I would love to add this hardcover to my collection Many thanks! Cate


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