Shut up! or Don’t Shut up?

Didn’t we have a lot of hair?

A LOST PHOTO.  My husband recently returned from his parents’ house with several vintage photos of ourselves.  We have always been indifferent to photos, and don’t have many, but his parents documented our breif visits with rolls of film.  Here we are in our twenties at Niagara-on-the-Lake, hanging out with his family after our first year of teaching.  Isn’t he adorable? I was so tired:  my lips are weirdly puckered . “Maybe you were  tired of hanging out with my family,” he says.

Wasn’t my husband cute?   I was cute when I wasn’t puckering into the sun.

THE BLOG. I love reading.  I love writing my blog.  I don”t write reviews; I write up my notes and consider this my book journal. Even so, I occasionally offend writers. Writers don’t like criticism, and who can blame them?  I have written favorable reviews and made friends of writers.  I have written bad reviews and made enemies of writers. I have written good/bad reviews and made “frenemies” of writers. The best way not to offend writers?  Shut up!

I also like to rant about what I perceive to be problems in publishing.  I am  upset about dumbing down, whether it is the New York Times reviewing romances,  or Webster’s Dictionary defending the use of the non-word, “irregardless.” This kind of issue always gets to me.  Not long ago, after I read something that seemed particularly “dumb”at one of the dozens of publications I read, I wrote a brief letter to the editor.

And in today’s world, I got an email response from the editor.  Oh, no, I thought.  That wasn’t what I intended at all.  I didn’t want to write to THE editor; it was just “a letter to the editor.” Surely what I wrote couldn’t have been that upsetting?  Cranks write letters to the editor, and there was a slight indication they thought I was a crank. I wrote back what I hope was an appropriate response, praising the publication and repeating my criticism more mildly.

Dumbing down is a minor issue in today’s world.  There’s war, climate change, famine…  In retrospect, I really should NOT have written that letter to the editor.

Shut up? Don’t shut up?

Boundaries, Kat!  There are no boundaries on the internet.

And that’s why I prefer to read and write about dead writers!