The Less the Better


Everyone needs to review Strunk and White.

The less we read on the internet the better.

Too much social media–yes, even blogs: sorry!–and too many pop culture sites can make us stupid. My mind is sluggish after an hour on the internet.

Did you know that has added, according to The Guardian?

“clicktivism” (a pejorative word for armchair activists on social media), “haterade” (excessive negativity, criticism, or resentment), “otherize” (view or treat – a person or group of people – as intrinsically different from and alien to oneself),…“Craptacular” (remarkably poor and disappointing), “bronde” (hair dyed both blond and brunette) and “fitspiration” (a person or thing that serves as motivation for someone to sustain or improve health and fitness)…

And to think I used to long for a two-volume edition of the OED with the magnifying glass!  Now I’m thankful for my old Webster’s.

Book Riot has discovered the importance of dictionaries. and Merriam-Webster are not just entertaining and informing us. They are taking an essential step towards freeing us: giving us the tools, the words, to free ourselves. This is important work, and in a world where the president of the United States is a Twitter troll, it’s risky work that takes bravery and stamina.

Oh, dear.  What’s with the “bravery” and “stamina?” What about the long hours of research? Why not “informative” for “informing us” and “freedom” for “freeing us?”  Why not write a piece on the history of dictionaries?  But, no, this is “just entertaining” and not “informing us.”

At the always verbose Bustle I read “Why Reading Should Be Considered Essential Self-Care For Every Activist”

Self-care: we’ve heard the term, scrolled through suggestions, and read the how-to’s, but now it’s time we developed our own non-negotiable routines if we have any chance at surviving these next four years. While every individual’s personal needs are different, I have to say that reading should be considered essential self-care for every activist and resistor.

“Self-care,” “non-negotiable routines,” “how-to’s,” and “essential self-care” all in one paragraph!  What more could we ask?

Everyone needs to review his or her Strunk and White.  I, too.  Et tu, Brute?