Maleficent in London

maleficent-trailerWhen I saw the preview for Maleficent, I felt akin to Angelina Jolie.

She plays the snotty bad fairy in a new Disney movie of “Sleeping Beauty.” Only I look a lot more like the fairy-tale hag, as I tell my husband.

He doesn’t know the story.

I will explain shortly why I am like the snotty evil fairy.

When I was in London, I called my husband every night to chat mostly about the funny or charming things:  the euphoria of Starbucks after quaffing bitter “Americanos”at Costa; wondering if I’d been unfaithful to the TLS (I’m a subscriber) by shopping at the London Review of Books shop; my accidental walk by the beautiful Regents Park when I got lost on the way to a literary event; always getting a seat on the tube; and admitting that, after several rapt hours in the National Gallery, I had actually yawned over the portraits of the Tudors at the National Portrait Gallery. (Art burnout.)

But here’s why I am Maleficent.

On the Monday after my arrival, I discovered I had not been invited to a Virago group meet-up in London.

“I feel like the evil fairy,” I wailed to my husb.

He didn’t know what a Virago group was.

“You know.  The green books.”

“What are you doing in a fan group?”

Some months ago, I joined the Virago group at LibraryThing.  I have perhaps visited it five times.  I have perhaps posted twice.

The group had had a big blow-out party at Foyles for another American Virago fan who was in London at the exact same time I was.

Well, they met at Foyles anyway.  And then they went to Oxfam, the London Review of Books shop, etc.

I wondered, Was I not absolutely clear about the fact that I was coming to London?

I blogged about it so often.

Well, it’s water over the dam.

I went to LibraryThing recently and discovered a folder about the London trip, so presumably I would have been allowed to attend had I known about the event.

Over the years I’ve met so many kind American friends from online groups, and I spent a very pleasant couple of days  with the lovely Ellen Moody in D.C. last fall.

I’m happy to have coffee with any of my online friends next time you’re in town.

I’m only Maleficent in London.