The Folio Society Pushkin Notebook

My free Folio Society gift:  a Pushkin's Queen of Spades notebook.

My free Folio Society gift: a Pushkin’s Queen of Spades notebook.

Last week my Folio Society copy of the complete edition of Trollope’s The Duke’s Children arrived.

I photographed it, blogged about it, and then hid it from my husband.

Lovely book, but I had mixed emotions.

I was:

1.  Excited, because to have a new edition of The Duke’s Children with an additional volume (Trollope wrote a four-volume novel which was published in three volumes) makes it a new book.

2.  Depressed, because paperback reading copies are fine for me and I could have bought a plane ticket to Florida instead.

Trollope's The Duke's Children, with bedraggled geranium .

Trollope’s The Duke’s Children, with bedraggled geranium .

Then I shook the box.  Where was my gift? Weren’t we supposed to get a free journal or stationery?

Well, it’s not Amazon Prime, I reminded myself.  Chill.  They’re British.  It’s like the TLS app.  Good luck with that.

When another box from the Folio Society arrived today, I wasn’t surprised.  It contained my “free gift,” a notebook with the cover art from the Folio Society edition of  Pushkin’s The Queen of Spades and Other Stories.

I love it!  In fact, I want more notebooks, if there are any others.

So now I feel at peace.  I got my book and the toy gifty book (the notebook). And since I have spent my full allotment and more for Folio Society membership, I can now sit back–whew–and enjoy the book.

10 thoughts on “The Folio Society Pushkin Notebook

  1. I’ve been a member of the Folio Society since June 2013.
    At present,I have about 50 or more Folio books.I try to buy them during sales or on eBay when they’re either ‘as new’ or still sealed.

    The Trollope book you have is just lovely!! Sadly I’m still a student,so can’t afford it.

    Are you a member?


    • Sounds like you have a great collection! I became a member when I bought the book from the FS. Some of them are affordable on sale, I’ve discovered, though obviously the one I wanted is not. E-bay seems to be the place to get the second-hand books.


      • I feel the same, Cynthia. I have already read many of the classics, but I would like the illustrated Wuthering Heights. Perhaps I’ll treat myself to it next year. (Perhaps it will go on sale!)


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