The Folio Society Pushkin Notebook

My free Folio Society gift:  a Pushkin's Queen of Spades notebook.

My free Folio Society gift: a Pushkin’s Queen of Spades notebook.

Last week my Folio Society copy of the complete edition of Trollope’s The Duke’s Children arrived.

I photographed it, blogged about it, and then hid it from my husband.

Lovely book, but I had mixed emotions.

I was:

1.  Excited, because to have a new edition of The Duke’s Children with an additional volume (Trollope wrote a four-volume novel which was published in three volumes) makes it a new book.

2.  Depressed, because paperback reading copies are fine for me and I could have bought a plane ticket to Florida instead.

Trollope's The Duke's Children, with bedraggled geranium .

Trollope’s The Duke’s Children, with bedraggled geranium .

Then I shook the box.  Where was my gift? Weren’t we supposed to get a free journal or stationery?

Well, it’s not Amazon Prime, I reminded myself.  Chill.  They’re British.  It’s like the TLS app.  Good luck with that.

When another box from the Folio Society arrived today, I wasn’t surprised.  It contained my “free gift,” a notebook with the cover art from the Folio Society edition of  Pushkin’s The Queen of Spades and Other Stories.

I love it!  In fact, I want more notebooks, if there are any others.

So now I feel at peace.  I got my book and the toy gifty book (the notebook). And since I have spent my full allotment and more for Folio Society membership, I can now sit back–whew–and enjoy the book.