The Spring Giveaway: Natasha Stagg’s Surveys & Conrad Richter’s The Trees

Surveys natasha Stagg 9781584351788It’s the Spring Giveaway!  I’m clearing space on my bookshelves again.

richter robert-mcginnis_the-trees_ny-bantam-1975Would anyone like my copy of Natasha Stagg’s stunning novel, Surveys, about a down-and-out college graduate stuck in a job giving surveys at the mall?   (I wrote about it here.)  And I also am giving away a mass-market paperback edition of Conrad Richter’s   The Trees,  the first in The Awakening Land trilogy.  This lyrical novel tells the story of a pioneer family settling in the woods of Ohio.  Sayward, the oldest daughter, must take responsibility for her siblings as one tragedy after another afflicts them  (I wrote about this remarkable novel  here:  Richter won the Pulitzer Prize for the third in the series.)  I recently replaced this 1970s paperback with a $1.50 first edition hardback.  (The beauty of the Planned Parenthood Book Sale!)

Leave a comment if you would like one or both.  The giveaway is open to Americans and Canadians (the postage is, alas, too high to send “abroad).”

And tomorrow back to my “Girlitude Week” posts!

4 thoughts on “The Spring Giveaway: Natasha Stagg’s Surveys & Conrad Richter’s The Trees

  1. me! Me!! ME!!! for the Trees! that is the same exact cover art of the Trees i read in the 70s!!!!!!!!


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