A Giveaway of Sybille Bedford’s A Legacy

Would anyone like my extra copy of Sybille Bedford’s A Legacy?  She is a stunning novelist and memoirist:  I blogged about her novels A Favorite of the Gods here and A Compass Error here.  Then I inexplicably lost my copy of  A Legacy, and, after ordering an inexpensive copy, I found the original.  So often the way.

Do leave a comment if you’d like it!  You can read the Goodreads description of this well-reviewed novel  here.

4 thoughts on “A Giveaway of Sybille Bedford’s A Legacy

  1. Sure. Add me to the list. I have good luck with your books.

    In a recent post you asked for names of under-appreciated female novelists. Here are three: Margaret Kennedy, Rumer Godden, Rose McCaulay.


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