It’s All Bad News, So Make a Balzac Rolodex

The good news?

There is none.

The Guardian: “Bannon appointment deepens fears of racism.”

The New York Times:  “President-elect Donald J. Trump’s transition plunged into disarray with the abrupt departures of aides who had handled national security and foreign policy matters.”

Well, I’m going to chill.  I voted for Hillary Clinton, and she won the popular vote. Did my vote count?  I suppose.  Some of my candidates got elected, and that’s the best I could do.

Thank God I don’t have to go through that election again.


A couple of days ago I wrote about how I needed a Balzac rolodex to  keep track of the recurring characters.  My rolodex arrived in the mail today!  It is so much fun to write this information on cards.  So much more fun than spreadsheets, and like the old card catalogues, more efficient once it’s done.

The rolodex would work for any long series.  God knows who all those characters are in George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones.

And I  bought a letter opener to  cut the pages of an old edition of Clara Bell’s translation of Modeste Mignon.  Much easier than cutting the pages with index cards!

I hope you’re having a good Tuesday night!

4 thoughts on “It’s All Bad News, So Make a Balzac Rolodex

  1. From Europe – no, to be true, I should say, from France, we with with astonishment and fear what is happening in the US. It would be laughable – a parody of political life – if it did not concern your countries and the subtle word web of foreign affairs, and, as Clausewitz said, its “continuation by other means”, i.e. wars. I, myself, am surprised no more attention was paid to what is sometimes called with a little disdain, “the working class” – white working class, of course. Its members could not but have felt threatened by immigrants, black people or other coloured people, the financial crisis, a political discourse they could not understand by what they considered as enemies and elites – including the Democrat campaigners and the educated people. There is the same gap in France: I only have to talk with my cleaning ladies! None of them knows Balzac…
    I am glad to subscribed to the idea of a sharp letter opener. It is te best system I have ever found and there is the most satisfying “swish” from it in the silence of reading!
    Modeste Mignon is one of these novels that area little left aside when people make a cursory reading of Balzac, although it describes so well the “province” and its little towns…


    • Yes, we’re all very apprehensive here. I read so much news last week that I can’t take the bad news for a while.
      I had never heard of Modeste Mignon, but it is surprisingly good. Now that I’ve got my letter opener, I can get back to it.

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